30-Day Simple Living Challenge

Looking For A Simple Living Challenge? Here’s Our 30 Day Challenge!

If you are interested in getting more into simple living, you are definitely not alone. Our journey to living a more simple lifestyle is off to a good start – but there’s so much more that we can (and want to) do!

For us, simple living is not a trend we’re following. We made the conscious decision – after an overly hectic few years of work – that we would strive to simplify our lives. Through rounds of de-cluttering, creating simple recipes, focusing on our overall wellness, consuming less, and trying new things – we’re on the right track for us.

That said, “simple living” can mean a lots of different things for different people. And that’s okay. For some, it is about slowing down. For others, it is about living with less. Whatever your motivations for being interested in simple living are, there are lots of things you can do to get started.

But where to start? To help you on your journey, we’ve created this 30-Day Simple Living Challenge. It’s full of steps, tips, and ideas that you can do each day to begin to understand what simple might mean for you.

If you are looking for the full challenge, you can receive a printable version with detailed explanations for each challenge day as a bonus for signing up to our Email community below!

30- Day Simple Living Challenge Overview

  • Day 1: Think About Your Goals and Write Them Down
  • Day 2: Declutter Your Phone
  • Day 3: Clean Out Your Fridge
  • Day 4: Do a Workout That’ll Make You Feel Good
  • Day 5: Spend a Day Without Computer, Phone, or TV
  • Day 6: Catch Up With Someone Important to You
  • Day 7: Have a “You-Day” (Self-Care)
  • Day 8: Flip/Scroll Through Old Photos and Reflect
  • Day 9: Find Your Top 5 Items That Bring You Lots of Joy
  • Day 10: Try Meditation

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  • Day 11: Have A “No Spend” Day
  • Day 12: Clean Your Car (or Bike)
  • Day 13: Do A DIY Project
  • Day 14: Clean Out Your Pantry/Cupboard
  • Day 15: Write Down Your Thoughts, Worries, Joys, etc.
  • Day 16: Declutter Your Clothes
  • Day 17: Spend Time in Nature
  • Day 18: Clear Out Your Email Inbox /Paper Clutter
  • Day 19: Cook Or Bake A New Simple Recipe
  • Day 20: Declutter/Organize Your Miscellaneous Drawer/Box
  • Day 21: Unsubscribe From Emails/Newsletters
  • Day 22: Free Day For You to Choose Your Path
  • Day 23: Meal Plan for the Following Week
  • Day 24: Visit a Zero Waste Store
  • Day 25: Give Something Away
  • Day 26: Organize Your Online Clutter
  • Day 27: Do Something Creative
  • Day 28: Tidy/Sort Your Bathroom
  • Day 29: Write Down Five Positive “I am” Statements + Pin Them Up
  • Day 30: Evaluate Goals from Day 1

And there you have it – a little overview of our Simple Living Challenge. If you are confident enough, you can follow this guide day for day on its own – or you can get the detailed version as a bonus when signing up for our newsletter!

As always, Keep It Simple,

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