Hi – and welcome to Reviving Simple. We’re Eric and Lisa, a Canadian-German couple, that has been working in the content space for quite a few years now.

Eric is a Canadian and Hungarian content writer originally from a small town in Ontario, Canada. Lisa on the other hand has grown up in Germany and lived in various countries across Europe. We met while we were living abroad and have since moved back and forth between continents while growing our online business.

As you might imagine this has been a stressful time that has affected our mood, our health, our relationship, and our overall quality of life – both positively and negatively. Last year, we reached a point where we sat down and really reevaluated what is important to us, what we value, and where we are headed in life.

One theme that kept coming up was that we wanted to try to keep things simple – and simplify our life going forward. We believe that this might not only help us feel less stressed and less tense, but also gain more clarity about what really matters. We created Reviving Simple to document our journey – the ups and downs of returning to a simpler lifestyle – and connect with likeminded people.

To be honest, we are neither strict minimalists or extremely frugal nor are we vocal environmental activists. However, these are all topics that we are passionate about and that will come up on this website. We’re a fairly normal couple who loves life but has come to question “the norm” and the patterns of overconsumption in the world around us. And to be clear, we are not here to shame and blame people who do things differently.

Reviving Simple is a website dedicated to making our daily life a little simpler. Why? Because in a time of ridiculous levels of connectivity, consumption, and many (often unnecessary) stimuli, we want to aim to balance all the “noise” through living a simpler lifestyle – and help you do the same.

So, welcome to Reviving Simple – we’re glad you’re here. Always feel free to reach out if have questions, want to share tips or just want to chat!

As always, Keep It Simple,
– Eric and Lisa